Cure for the Newsletter Blues


Great news! We are excited to announce the return of our quarterly newsletter. It highlights activities, features unique historical insights and previews upcoming events.

Unlike our previously printed newsletters, you will see some exciting differences:

  • Digital format – straight to your email inbox
  • Not just for members – anyone can sign up for the newsletter, and, it can be forwarded to friends, family, co-workers — everyone!
  • Subscriber featured sections – stay tuned to our Facebook and Blog for your opportunity to contribute
  • Articles will be written by a variety of people – unique subjects and perspectives

The newsletter is digital only.  If you’ve signed up for LHS emails, or are a member and have provided an email address, you are set to receive the newsletter.   If not, you can sign up HERE.  

Please note that signing up does not make you a member.  However, if you would like to support LHS by purchasing a membership, you can do so HERE (we’d love you for it).

Keep an eye out for an upcoming post about our new board members and an updated, “About LHS”, section with bios of the board and staff. Get to know us!

Here’s a question: Should we give our newsletter a creative name? I don’t think the board will like my idea – “Super Awesome LHS News & Information Email Quarterly” – so what are your suggestions? 

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