Raise the Roof!

Have you been by the Complex in the last month or so? Did you notice the Waiting Station? It had an update!

Courtesy of the Lenexa Parks and Recreation the roof of our darling little Wiedenmann Strang Line Waiting Station (a mouthful, we know) has a brand-new roof. Take a look a these before and after photos snapped by our President. Drag/swipe the arrows in the middle to see the full comparison:

Before & after of the roof – drag the arrows back and fourth!

It looks great! Thank you so much to the Parks and Recreation team for this and for replacing the roof on both the Legler Barn and the Lenexa Train Depot in the last year. Their help is invaluable to us.

Our next step for the Waiting Station is to replace the information boards inside (one fell over – noooo!) to make it look better and easier to read. No ETA on that part, but we’ll keep you posted!

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