Join us as a member of the Lenexa Historical Society!

The Lenexa Historical Society (LHS) houses, researches and exhibits Lenexa’s history, and is the city’s one and only source for collected local history.

Lenexa history not only happened yesterday with Wild Bill Hickok, Na-Nex-Se and Octave Chanute, it happens today with City Center, Business, Arts, and Educational Development. Lenexa has a long-running and continuing story — please become part of her Historical Society.

Our aim is to attract people with an appreciation for history; develop individual, business and educational partnerships that result in sustainable programs; and revitalize the Lenexa Historical Museum at the Legler Barn.

Member Benefits:

  • You become a part of a long-standing Lenexa service club that preserves, promotes and presents the continuing story of Lenexa
  • Are part of community-wide events and opportunities where you can interact with others who share your interests
  • And, are invited to attend LHS sponsored lectures and programs
  • 10% discount in the museum Gift Shop
  • Half off research requests & copies

We hope to see you, your family or your company’s name on the next membership list. Thank you.

When signing up for memberships online, please make sure to include your full name, address, email address, and phone number in PayPal to ensure that we can contact you with information on events, meetings, etc.

LHS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Memberships and gifts are tax deductible.

Annual Memberships


Membership for one year for one person.

20.00 $


Membership for one year for two adults and children in the household.

30.00 $


Membership for one year for a corporation (up to 15 people).

250.00 $

Lifetime Memberships


Membership for the lifetime of one individual (nontransferable). No annual cost, no renewals required.

200.00 $


Membership for the lifetime of two individuals and children in their household (nontransferable). No annual cost, no renewals required.

300.00 $


Membership for the lifetime of the corporation for up to 15 people (nontransferable). No annual cost, no renewals required.

2500.00 $

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