Legler Barn

Legler Barn

The Legler Barn, built by Swiss immigrant Adam Legler in 1864, was built using limestone from a local quarry at the corner of 95th and Quivira in Lenexa, Kansas.

Adam Legler

The Leglers stayed in the top floor of the barn until their house was finished. It is said that the timbers used for the roof of the barn were obtained by trading cabbage with local Native Americans.

Many Westward travelers passed by the barn as the Santa Fe Trail cut through the corner of their property.

Legler Barn at original location

The barn was deconstructed in 1972 during commercial property expansions in the area. It was measured, strategically taken apart and stored in caves. Through fundraising efforts by local civic and business leaders, the barn was reconstructed at its current location in Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park. Some of these leaders were The Lenexa Chamber of Commerce, The Holland Corporation, Gus Bogina, and City Counsilman John McNerney. Reconstruction was finished in May of 1983. William F. “Bud” Thomspson was the general volunteer overseer for LHS in teh reconstruction of the barn. Neal Hervey was hired as the carpentry subcontractor.

The reconstructed barn faces west instead of east and is a bit larger with an added basement. The stones used are primarily from the origianl barn, but more were needed for the extra approximately 10 feet of space. For this, stones from two other local razed buildings were used. These were the Lenexa District #46 School Building (13400 w. 94th Str) and the Will Zahner residence (14700 W. 87th Str. Pkwy.), and finally a few new stones to finish the build. Once reconstructed, the barn was opened to the public as the Lenexa Community Museum.

Today, the barn is operated and maintained by the City of Lenexa and houses Lenexa’s History Museum and Archive. The Lenexa Historical Society aided the City until July 2022 by maintaining and making available its collection of historical artifacts and archival documents, designing and maintaining museum exhibits, and developing and presenting public education programs. In July 2022, the City of Lenexa and LHS arranged a new cooperative that gave ownership of all of the historic buildings at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park to the city for care and sustainability. This includes the care and management of the archive and museum within the Legler Barn.

Guided tours are provided by trained City staff.

Also in the complex are the Herb Garden, Wiedenmann Strang Line Waiting Station, the Lenexa Train Depot Museum and Caboose.

Groundbreaking for the new Legler Barn location in Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park

The Lenexa Historical Society extends a special thanks to the Legler family for supporting us by participating in events, donating family artifacts, pictures and sharing stories about their family, the barn and Lenexa.

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