Herb Garden

The Herb Garden next to the Legler Barn was constructed in 1994 and is cared for by a small volunteer group appropriately called the Herb Garden at Legler Barn Volunteers. This group meets 2-3 times a week to weed, plant, and water the garden. Our main volunteers are Lori Saving and Pat White.

On September 7, 2009 Boy Scout Troop #186’s Dylan Crow made the repair and renewal of the Herb Garden his Eagle Scout project. Dylan and his volunteers spent over 248 hours planning and repairing the garden. They pulled weeds and cleaned the dirt away from the brick path, then made concrete slabs to place the concrete benches on to keep them from sinking into the ground. Lastly, and most noticeable, they constructed a brand new Trellis/Pergola to replace the rotting one, and replaced the splintering wooden benches under it with concrete ones. Thanks to the efforts of this scout troop, and our volunteer gardeners, our Herb Garden is still looking great.

The Herb Garden is always open to the public, so visit it anytime and feel free to sit for a while on one of the stone benches the scouts put out! But please, don’t ruin our volunteers’ hard work by picking the flowers or walking on the plants.

Enjoy the garden? The Herb Garden at Legler Barn Volunteers are always looking for volunteers to help with the garden work. If you know gardening, or want to learn how to care for a garden, you can go HERE to volunteer to help them out. Or send us a message under the Contact page.

Location 14907 West 87th Street Parkway Lenexa, Kansas 66215-4135 Phone (913)492-0038 E-mail info@leglerbarn.org Hours Wednesday & Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm Other days/times and group tours by appointment.
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