Wiedenmann Strang Line Waiting Station

The Strang Rail Line was developed in 1906 by William B. Strang Jr., who also developed the neighboring city of Overland Park.

The small white building next to the green Northern Pacific Caboose is an original Strang Line Waiting Station. Starting in 1908, electric street cars moved people between Kansas City and Olathe. The south set of tracks in Old Town Lenexa were used by the Strang Line until 1940.

The Waiting Station was initially located on the John Wiedenmann farm, near 53rd and Lamar. Thus, the addition of Wiedenmann in the station’s name. The building was moved to the Piercy farm in Lenexa after the Strang Line ceased operation. In July of 1994, it was donated to LHS by the Piercy family and moved to the LHS Complex.

A detailed written and pictorial history of the Strang Line is available in the station’s interior.

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