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Holiday Shopping Today & Yesterday

New Life for an Old House

The 1907 Incorporation of the “Village of Lenexa”

A History of Our Great BBQ Battles

Now Showing: When Summertime
Was Drive In Time

Lenexa’s First Public Schools


Lenexans Wished for Improvements to Their City Through Vision 2020 – and Letters to Santa

A Visual History of Lenexa

3 & 2 Baseball History

2021: The Bicentennial of the Opening of the Santa Fe Trail

Tracking the History of Lenexa’s Park Names

Lenexa’s Adam Legler: An accomplished Man


Adam Legler: Lenexa Pioneer

This article has an extended version that you can view HERE.

Take A Trip Back In Time Down the Strang Line

Stories Behind Street Names

The referenced booklet, The Heritage of Lenexa, was created by LHS staff and volunteers, and is for sale inside the Legler Barn.

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