Other Resources

There are a lot of great places to gather valuable information. Some of them are listed below.

Kansas Historical Society

The Kansas Historical Society is a great resource for all things Kansas. Our archivist used some of the resources found here for information on Quaskey and Na Nex Se Blackhoof.

Kansas Memory

Also a part of the Kansas Historical Society, here you will find information laid and for each county in Kansas.

Smithsonian Institute

Obviously, the Smithsonian has a plethora of information for researchers.

National Archives

The National Archives house a lot of government and military documents. These are very helpful if you are doing genealogy work or research on a government official, but they have a lot more than that in their possession. It is always worth checking out their collection for information.

Midwest Genealogy Center

If you are performing genealogical work, this is your best resource in many cases. Part of the Mid-Continent Public Library system of Missouri, the building is open much like any other public library and house collections of genealogy and family tree books created by families – published and not. They have military documents and immigration records, access to resources like Ancestry.com, and so much more. As of the time of writing this, your Johnson County public library card may get you in regardless of not living in Missouri.

Santa Fe Trails Association

For lots of information on the Santa Fe Trail, this organization is one of the best around.

Overland Park Historical Society

If you are looking for information on William Strang or Overland Park area schools and history, our friends at the Overland Park Historical Society have some great resources.

Olathe Historical Society

If your research takes you into Olathe, there is no better place to start than the Olathe Historical Society. Check out their website for lots of information on the city and its history.

We’ll be adding more great resources and organizations, so check back!

History in video form:

For some simple history lessons that are fun and easy to follow (especially if you aren’t big on reading), our archivist enjoys the following YouTube channels

(Note: LHS is not associated with these channels in any way):

Crash Course: U.S. History Playlist (Crash Course covers lots of topics from history, ancient to modern, to sciences and literature)

Crash Course video example

Extra Credits Channel (Extra Credits also covers a lot of subjects from history to game design).

Extra Credits Channel Promo
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