August 2020 Newsletter

FALL 2020 | Published Quarterly

The Return of Our Newsletter

Greetings and welcome to the inaugural edition of the newly revamped LHS newsletter. We’re happy to be back!

Lenexa’s Historical Society actively preserves, promotes and presents the story of our city. This electronic newsletter will appear quarterly, updating you on completed, ongoing and future LHS activities. The goal is to creatively present Lenexa’s history at the local, regional and national level. 

Recently, the LHS website, logo and social media efforts were redesigned, revamped and improved. Our Facebook page participation has steadily expanded. Partnerships with historical and non-historical organizations and businesses have been formed.

It’s an exciting time to be (or become) a supporter of the Lenexa Historical Society!

Here’s a summary of what’s been happening and what will happen:

Newly Completed Projects:

  • Educational Partnerships with Sunflower and Christa McAuliffe Elementary Schools
  • Refurbishing of the Lenexa Mayors’ Tree Walk plaques on the path in Oak Valley
  • Partnership with Quivira Crossing DAR, including a new display at Legler Barn

Current Efforts:

  • Virtual Spinach Festival activities and contests with Lenexa Parks and Recreation
  • New interpretive signs at Legler Barn, Train Depot, Caboose and Wait Station 
  • Formalizing methods and procedures for research, archiving and museum activities

In the Not-Too-Distant Future

  • Partnerships resulting in new, dynamic display “pods” at Legler Barn
  • A complete rehab of the Burlington Northern caboose 
  • Creation of a lasting LHS foundation and hosting a “can’t miss” annual fundraiser

The Lenexa Historical Society is on the move. Thanks to all who have helped so far, and thanks in advance to all who join us as we enhance and expand the organization. 

Bruce Daniel, President


By Bill Nicks, LHS Board member

It is poetic that this 2020 “rebirth” of the Lenexa Historical Society (LHS) Newsletter contains an article about the early street names and structures of Lenexa.

The original 42 acres, which made up Lenexa in August 1869, is bounded on the west by Pflumm Road, Noland Road on the east, 91st Street on the North and Oak Street on the south. However, in 1869 Pflumm was known as 1st Street, Noland was 4th Street, 91st was Sycamore and Oak was Oak. Our main street through the original 42 acres is Santa Fe Trail Drive, but back then it was Elm Street. That makes current day Pflumm and Santa Fe Trail Drive– First and Elm back in 1869. Of course, the railroad tracks run south of Santa Fe Trail Drive as they did in the days of Elm Street.

The row of buildings on the north side of Santa Fe Trail Drive (SFTD) are unique and historic. The tiny building (13404 SFTD) on the far east end of that row, was Lenexa’s first gas station. It was built over 95 years ago and was sold in 1932 to Phillips Petroleum.

Farther back to the west, is a large two-story stone building (13420 SFTD). It was built in 1912 by Louis Krumm. His father Mathias Krumm had operated a blacksmith shop on the property. The Krumms bought the land in 1875. Two buildings east of the Krumm building is a two story structure (13412 SFTD). That building’s second floor housed the Lenexa Telephone office. Currently, Jerry’s Bait Shop Bar and Grill occupies the downstairs. That building was built around 1872.

South of the railroad tracks on the southeast corner of Walnut and Haskins is the Lenexa Parks and Recreation Service Center. That building was the home of the Lenexa Hotel built in the late 1800s/early 1900s. Moving farther to the east, and back on the north side of the railroad tracks is the old Lenexa Grain and Feed Elevator. Originally built in 1917 it has been a Lenexa landmark for over 100 years.

Perhaps in another 100 years our LHS Newsletter will have an article about the street names and buildings found in Lenexa’s new City Center, 87th Street Parkway and Renner Blvd.

Now at Legler Barn

DAR 19th Amendment Display

For the past few years, LHS has partnered with the local Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) chapter to bring you information and displays on the Constitution.

This year, the DAR has provided LHS with new pop-out displays on the 19th Amendment, which were created by the National Archives (NARA). Celebrate the centennial anniversary of this amendment’s ratification by coming by Legler Barn to learn more about its history.


Spinach Festival goes virtual Sept. 5–12

The Lenexa Spinach Festival has long celebrated our community’s spinach-growing roots through a mix of food, fine arts and crafts, music and family activities. Since it’s not safe to gather in a large group right now, LHS is teaming up with the city and changing things up! 
Join us on Facebook Sept. 5–12 for the Virtual Spinach Festival, a series of old-fashioned games, trivia quizzes, recipes and prize drawings.

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