Canyon Creek Elementary School Exhibit

Native American Artifacts

LHS is proud to display student artwork from Canyon Creek Elementary School.

Fifty-one students were asked to research Native American tribes in different regions for an art class project. After choosing a region that interested them, students created an object that would have been used by tribes in that region in a medium of their choice. These objects were referred to as artifacts in correspondences with the teachers, sparking the idea of displaying them not just as artwork, but as artifacts in a museum exhibit.

Each artifact went through a mini archival processing procedure. They were cross-checked with the source (in this case, the student who created it) to make sure each one stayed with the proper name and information, the region was checked, and nomenclature was established based on how the student described the item. All items were organized first by region (simplified to Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, and West) and then in alphabetical order by the student’s last name. Once this was established, a unique cataloging system was created to connect the artifact to the artist statements accompanying them, and to set them apart from the permanent artifacts of the museum. Finally, a tag was created for each artifact containing the above information and attached to the items. Some simple signs were created for the display to help viewers identify what they are looking at without taking away from the artifacts themselves. The Artist Statements written by the students are available next to the exhibit case for interested visitors to read.

We are happy to have this exhibit up until the end of January 2022. Stop by Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10am-4pm to check out this limited time exhibit.

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