DAR Amendment 19 Display

Amendment 19 Displays

For the past few years, LHS has partnered with the local Quivira Crossing Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) to bring you information and displays on the Constitution, which are always displayed at the Legler Barn during Constitution Week. You may recall the table of free goodies like stickers and American flags that we encouraged visitors to take with them – that was provided this DAR chapter.

This year, the DAR has provided LHS with two snazzy new pop-out displays on Amendment 19, dubbed Rightfully Hers, which were created by the National Archives (NARA) to be a quick exploration of the amendment’s history and celebrate its anniversary. LHS is very excited about this new display and we encourage everyone to come check it out at the Legler Barn. We will have it up all the way through election time (November).

The 19th Amendment was passed by Congress on June 4th, 1919 and ratified (or given consent, approval, or formal sanction) in 1920. This amendment gives all American women the right to vote. Some states already started towards this path a few years earlier, but this amendment made sure all U.S. women had the right to vote.

Voting Rights Timeline:
1776: All white men who own land and are age 21 or older could vote
1868: Amendment 14 gives full citizenship rights, including voting, to all men born or naturalized in the U.S.A.
1870: Amendment 15 eliminates racial barriers (many states continued to discriminate anyway)
1920: (year ratified) Amendment 19 finally gives women the right to vote

It took 144 years to give women the right to vote and this year will mark 100 years since the ratification of the amendment. Think about that – we’ve had this right for less time than it took to give women the right to vote in the first place. So, I (Molly – but I think you knew that by now) personally hope that all women will celebrate the centennial anniversary of our right to vote by doing so this November. I certainly plan to.

Come by and learn more on the history of  this amendment to get yourself pumped for the upcoming election and visit !

Check out this handy timeline by the Secretary of State department: HERE

Check out more official documents on Amendment 19 from OurDocuments.gov: HERE

Be sure to check out our local Quivira Crossing Chapter of the DAR and learn more about the Daughter’s of the American Revolution HERE. They have been a great partner for us in providing history to the public.

*Post was updated for accuracy and wording on 8/27/20

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