What Has LHS Been Up To?

The Lenexa Historical Society Complex reopened today! During its closure, some of the LHS board members and myself (Molly, back again!) were keeping busy behind the scenes. I wanted to give everyone an update on some of the things that we were working on during that time. I can’t have you thinking we were being lazy or taking a vacation (what would that even look like nowadays?). I mean, what better time to get housekeeping done than when you are stuck at home?

Housekeeping . . . get it?

What We’ve Been Up To:

  • New and Updated Policies – Ranging from artifact donation and acquisition processing policies to emergency plans and more. Everyone needs written policies and time demands they be updated.
  • New signs – We’ve been wanting to add interpretive signs to each of our points-of-interest within the complex since visitors often come by when we are not open. These signs will give basic information about each point within the complex. We used some of this time to start figuring out what we would want them to say and how we would want them to look. 
  • Questions, Questions – I sat aside time on some Wednesdays and Saturdays to be online answering any history questions the public might have via Facebook. Thank you to everyone who asked questions or contributed to the conversations – it was a blast.
  • Blog Posts! – Some out-of-the-ordinary blog posts to keep in touch with everyone and have a little fun. Hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. I plan to continue writing these blogs in the future as I have time.
  • Facebook Posts – For your entertainment, our social media specialist has been keeping up with regular posts for Facebook on various topics. (You rock, Lindsey!)
  • Set LHS up with Amazon Smile! – You can now support LHS while shopping on Amazon. Use the Amazon Smile site instead of the usual Amazon. Choose LHS as your charity and every time you shop on Amazon Smile (it must be Amazon Smile) a portion of the sales will be donated directly to LHS.
  • Sign-Up for Emails – We’ve made it easy to sign-up for LHS emails on events, meetings, and more. No need to be a member for these mini newsletter emails. Just go to our Contact page to find out how to sign-up!
  • Herb Garden – The Herb Garden volunteer group has been working hard on the herb garden (and it looks fantastic!). Volunteers are needed and we encourage anyone interested in volunteering to contact us via the Contact page, or use the sign-up link on the Volunteer page. Also, don’t forget to go by and check out their hard work.
  • Clean Up – I went in before our reopening to clean clean clean! Anything that might be touched by visitors was cleaned and disinfected, plus the toys and books for kids to play with were put away, and the Gift Store was roped off (ask the front desk staff to get whatever you want to buy). We will continue to clean throughout the day and provide hand sanitizer for staff and visitors.

We’ll keep you posted on anything new & exciting with LHS on our blogs and on our Facebook, so be sure to follow us on FB. You can also subscribe to our blog below to get notified via email about new posts.

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