School has ended for the year, the temperature is rising outside, vacation time is just around the corner, and everyone is ready to get back out into the world to resume some kind of normal life. We at LHS are ready to get out and see all our members and visitors again – in a more limited capacity, of course. The City of Lenexa has announced to LHS that the LHS Complex, including the Legler Barn and archives, are OK to reopen as part of Phase 2. We will reopen, with our usual City and LHS staff, under new temporary safety precautions on Wednesday, June 3rd!

While most of these new safety policies will require little to no action from visitors, we thought we’d let you know of a few things you might notice before you make your way to visit us.

  • No more than 10 visitors at one time – this includes group reservations
  • Social Distancing required at all times
  • New & more frequent cleaning protocols for commonly touched surfaces (doors, handrails, etc.)
  • Visitors cannot enter the Gift Shop area, however staff can enter and retrieve whatever you’d like to purchase
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for staff and visitors
  • Our Quilters will not return for their normal Wednesday sessions until later in June or early July (TBD) for their safety

These aren’t the only safety procedures we are putting into place and we may change them as the situation and City demands. Please be sure to stop at the front desk when visiting to get instructions from our Concierge staff each time you visit until Lenexa has finished its reopening phases.

Lastly, I’d like to add that if you’ve sent over a research request either while we’ve been closed or had one pending before the closure, I (Molly) will be making my way back into the archive to resume some of those requests upon reopening. To make sure that I don’t spend valuable & limited time completing research when it is no longer needed or wanted, I will be emailing researchers to make sure the research is still needed before moving forward with requests. Please expect an email from me in the next week or two to confirm that you are still interested in having the research done. I will perform the research in the order the request was received. My apologies to everyone waiting on their requests and I hope to get them fulfilled ASAP.

We’ll keep you posted here and on our Facebook and we will let you know when we have permission and a full plan on reopening the LHS Complex, so keep checking back and subscribe to our blog below to get notified of new blog posts via email.

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