2019 Meeting Recap

If you didn’t make our last meeting, we’ll bring you up to speed here. However, we can’t offer you any of Chris Cakes’ delicious pancakes through this blog post – sorry!


We started the meeting by taking a moment to recognize the loss of three individuals who had a large impact on LHS and the Lenexa community:

  • ANGELO MINO “Willie the Bushwhacker” – Ecuador to US at 34, patriot, educator
  • ALAN UHL – City Council member, LHS president, co-founder of Lenexa BBQ Battle
  • BERYL HENNIGH – City Council member, Bicentennial chairwoman, LHS charter member Coordinator of Historical Research and programs at Legler Barn

2019 Recap

From there, LHS president, Bruce Daniel, took a moment to recap 2019 projects and updates. These included:

  • Re-configuring the museum interior
  • Educational pilot programs with Sunflower & Christa McAuliffe schools
  • Community involvement – BBQ / Spin Fest / Enchanted Forest / Sar-Ko Aglow / Gomer’s mural
  • Digital presence – Logo, Website, Facebook, You Tube
  • Membership drive

All of these projects and updates were centered around rejuvenating LHS and moving the organization forward.

Moving Forward: 2020 Plans

Lastly, before our presentation, Daniel reviewed LHS goals for 2020 that are designed to continue what was started in 2019, but with more steam:

  • Architectural improvements to Legler Barn, Train Depot, Caboose, Wait Station. This includes repairs, painting, refreshing, cleaning, etc.
  • New signage – Many of the buildings/sites at the LHS Complex are in need of new signs or never had any at all.
  • Committees – We aim to create committees powered by members to expand our influence and updates. For example: education, architecture, outreach, community involvement
  • Archive Inventory of LHS held artifacts and documents

Now that you’ve been caught up, keep an eye out for details on our next public meeting to be held in March or April.

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