Visit from the Pop-Up Art Camp

In the end of May 2019 Kristina Crawford brought in her new Pop-Up Art Camp program to visit the Legler Barn. Kristina spent a lot of time and effort preparing for this program and we were excited to be a part of it.

The Pop-Up Art Camp is a new part of the Parks and Recreation summer art programs, and for its first year it consisted of 9 amateur photographers all around the age of 10. They came to the Legler Barn where the archivist showed them photographs from around Lenexa and Lenexa schools in the 1800’s, and told them about archiving photographs and why photographs are important to history. Then the photographers were challenged to try and recreate some of the photographs they were shown while out snapping photos.

After their visit to the Legler Barn, the photographers went with Kristina and her helpers (now including the LHS archivist), split off into groups, and went around Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park taking photographs. Everyone really loved the program and Kristina is hoping to not only offer it again, but perhaps make a family version – so keep your eyes out for it next summer by checking the Parks and Recreation Youth Programs website! LHS is excited to potentially be a part of it again.

Below are some of the photos the young photographers were shown and an example of a photo recreation by one of the photographers (except the group shot).

2019 photo taken by Kristina Crawford at the Legler Barn.
Original photo of District No. 46 school ca mid-1800’s. (LHS Photo Collection)

2019 Bandstand photo by Sophie.
Black and white photo shows the original Bandstand at its original location. (LHS Photo Collection)

2019 Frisco Train Depot photo by Sloan
LHS photo shows the Frisco Train Depot with the then red caboose. (LHS Photo Collection)

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