Spring Cleaning

Over the weekend several LHS board members did some much needed clean-up and de-cluttering on the main floor of the Legler Barn. We dusted, vacuumed, and moved around our exhibit pieces to open the space more and look less cluttered. Speaking of moving items – big thanks to Lenexa Parks and Rec for coming to move the larger pieces for us!

Why did we do this? We’ve been talking about wanting to make the main floor of the museum look better, flow logically, and present Lenexa’s history in the best way possible. The first step to that is to make what we currently have look more presentable so that we can bring more people and resources on board with our efforts. After that, we can see what our space can do and how it could look. Most importantly, we want to feel proud of our museum, especially since we are Lenexa’s only museum.

Here are some photos of what we got done, but you have to come by to really get a feel for it! And we aren’t stopping here!

We rearranged the Gift Shop and added our Post Cards and Brochures, which are now easier to see and access.
The big desk and counter are gone, opening up more space for the museum floor. We moved the post office boxes where the counter was and now you can look at both sides and see who owned each box last. You’ll also notice the telephone operator’s desk is moved so that corner is no longer so squeezed in with items.
Another look at that corner that is no longer so crowded. You may notice a lack of banners and no more hidden items behind other items. It’s amazing what a simple de-clutter job can do!

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